LADP (Local Area Development Plan) Won …

The Local Area Development Plan (LADP) Methodology developed by The Completed Participatory Infrastructure Project (PIP) Won the Dubai International Best Practices Award for Sustainable Development

Amid stiff competition with 2,638 entries from 144 countries, the General Organisation for Physical Planning (GOPP), in collaboration with the Associated Consultants Office and the Participatory Infrastructure Project (PIP), implemented GIZ Egypt on behalf of the German Government, won the Best Practices Award in “Urban Infrastructure Planning and Management”. This award celebrates the innovative LADP methodology and its successful implementation in the governorates within the Greater Cairo Region.

As a participatory local-level plan, the LADP provides a comprehensive development vision for targeted areas. 15 LADPs were crafted for the Greater Cairo Region, introducing integrated solutions and guiding stakeholders in prioritising development decisions for sustainable interventions.

The Dubai International Best Practices Award is organised by Dubai Municipality in collaboration with UN-Habitat as part of the esteemed World Governments Summit 2024, and it highlights pioneering initiatives that champion sustainability on a global scale.