Since 1988, assisted by senior and junior permanent staff, and international experts, AC Egypt has been involved successfully in multidisciplinary projects including Urban and Regional Planning, Urban Policies and Strategies, Urban Design , Architectural Design, and landscape.

Our Principles

Our team designs in harmony in accordance to clients’ wishes and needs. We are committed to excellent quality, sound cost, andtimely implementation. We tend to study and analyze our assignments contextually in order to design long-term and sustainable solutions. We believe in the economic, social, environmental, and institutional sustainability as the four main pillars of a sustainable development. In turn, we believe that
sustainable urban development is key to achieve better living conditions for all the society.

Our Vision

•• Excellent Quality •• Sound Cost •• Timely Implementation

Client Wishes

•• Social •• Economic •• Environmental •• Institutional


•• Use of local resource •• Contextual Design


We are qualified to take the right decisions objectively depending on the available local resources and potentials. We believe that a place and its context, has its source in the analysis of culture, morphology and history. Thus, in our work we capitalize upon these principles. We also believe in public participation as one of the fundamental pillar of contemporary planning.

Our Founders

Dr. Sahar Attia, is a professor in the Department of Architecture at Cairo University . She is the managing director & and the head of the Planning & Urban Design Department in AC. She is responsible for all urban development projects in the Firm. She has an extensive experience in several disciplines. She is able to  manage, coordinate, and work in close liaison with different experts for problem identification, priority setting, and solution strategies, design and implementation. She is qualified to take the right decisions objectively deploying all the available potentials. She strongly believes in public participation as one of the main pillars of contemporary sustainability planning.


Architect Essam Abaza is the CEO of AC. He leads the Architecture Department in the company. He has over 35 years of professional experience in architecture and design. He has worked in Paris-France with Heckly – Prache Architecture office from 1985 to 1988 in diverse projects where he gained his expertise in designing classical buildings, combined with modern architectural trends and elements. “First Residence” building in Giza is a good example for the quality of his postmodern designs. He also excels in hotels, public, residential, and office buildings. He has been supervising and managing a wide array of projects where he showed leadership and high decision-making skills.

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Meet Our Skilled Team

Dr. Sahar Attia


Eng. Essam Abaza


Soha ElGohary

Senior Architect

Mohamed Haroun

Senior Architect

Christine Shawky


Hisham Ahmed Taha


Fatma Hassan


Dalia Afifi


Nourhan Yehia


Bassant Emad


Amr Mahmoud


Ali Ayman


Taghreed Sherif

Landscape Architect